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Faster Horses 3 Day Festival Portable Restroom for Camping
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Portable Restroom Rentals- Faster Horses Brooklyn, Michigan
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Portable Toilet Rental
Faster Horses Portable Toilet Rentals
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Portable Toilet Rental

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Onsite Hotline: (419) 345-1654 

Faster Horses Camping Porta Potty Rentals

We provide services to the campgrounds below only.

Brooklyn Trails, Brookfest Acres, Tree Farm, M-50 Creekside

Faster Horses Festival - Brooklyn Trails Campground Faster Horses Festival - Brookfest Acres Campground Faster Horses Festival - Tree Farm CampgroundFaster Horses Festival - M-50 Creekside Campground



*You can also use our roaming truck service if you prefer.

Roaming service trucks will be available throughout the week to service your camper, fill water, or perform an extra service on your private portable toilet. All fees are paid at the time of service in U.S. funds only. Reservations cannot be made for any of these services, please do one of the following to have a service done by a member of our team: 

 - Wave down a roaming service truck driver or Call our hotline at (419) 345-1654


Our portable restrooms are an ideal solution to provide sanitation for Faster Horses Camping. As an option, we can provide a sanitary cleaning service which includes cleaning and sanitizing, recharging with deodorizer, and replenishing toilet paper. 

  • Features:
  • Clean & Sanitized
  • Roomy Interior
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Translucent roof for better lighting
  • interior lock
  • Coat/purse hook
  • Occupancy indicator
  • Hands-free door latch
  • Slip-resistant floor
  • Mirror and corner shelf
  • Three rolls of toilet paper


Extra Cleaning Option:

Our portable restrooms are rented without a sanitary cleaning service.

We do offer an option to have your portable restroom restocked if needed pumped and a sanitary cleaning.

*All cleaning services are performed on Saturday or Sunday, we do not offer appointments due to the volume of cleanings we have. 

Restroom Deliveries:

We deliver restrooms to your campsite location on a first come first serve basis due to volumes being delivered. 

Restroom Placement:

*All restrooms are placed near the road for easy access.